Be You, Do You!

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I’ve always believed that children were born with individual innate personalities……

I mean barring the influence of environment and/or circumstance that they may have been exposed to growing up, I really believe that how their personalities ultimately manifest upon maturity, is not very different from the intrinsic/innate personality that they were born with.

You probably have a different opinion, and that’s absolutely okay! As a matter of fact Isn’t that what today’s blog piece is all about?

  • One size does not have to fit all.
  • Be you, do you!

In other words you are entitled to your own opinion, lol

Looking back, I was the child who never really fit in to any particular circle or clique. Oh I had friends alright, but I never quite belonged, if that makes any sense……

Fast forward to today, Innate Expressions® is an expression of me giving myself permission to be the leader of my own ‘tribe’.

Innate Expressions® is me saying that its okay to be me. It’s me validating the fact that true beauty emanates from within and that being unique is the new ‘sexy’, if you will, lol.

And now that I have embraced the above, it’s time to share. Sharing is caring after all!

Today, Innate Expressions® is my way of telling you that it’s okay to be you because one size does not have to fit all!  

So break the mold!

Be You, Do You!

All my love,



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