Do you still believe in Boogey man???

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Wow, these are some pretty uncertain times that we’re living in!

⁠While one part of me wonders if things will ever really be the same again, another part of wonders if it should🤔

⁠I don’t know about you, but the current state of affairs has taught me never to take the little things like a hug or a handshake for granted, ever again!

⁠I once heard a very wise man say, that solitary confinement is the one thing that has the potential to ‘reduce’ the ‘strongest’ person down to little bits…..⁠

⁠So if that’s the case, then I wonder….“Is quarantine really any different?”

I mean, it does have the potential to isolate you and force you to face your greatest fears, I think….🤔

⁠So, that leads to my question……⁠

⁠- Do you still believe in the boogey man? ⁠If yes, what does your boogey man look like?

⁠I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below….⁠

⁠Emma ⁠



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