Free to be…

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Oh Wow! If you dream it, you really can achieve it!


I’ve only wanted to start this blog for like what? A gazillion years?

Well, HELLO Blog!!!

‘Anyhoo’, as I pondered over what my first post should be about, it hit me……

My Why!

Of course my why!

Why was I so anxious to start this blog in the first place?

Well, I’ll tell you, but please let me introduce myself first……

My name is Emma, and I’m ‘the face’ and ‘the hands’ behind the handmade brand Innate Expressions® where individuality rules!

The face and hands behind Innate Expressions®, the brand

I’m a biologist by profession and a handmade designer every other waking moment.

On one extreme I love science, and on the other extreme, I love to create.

In between both extremes, you will find my happy median.

I call it ‘my Eden’…….

My place of escape, where I am free to create and just be authentic me…

Via this blog, I’d like to give you a peek into my ‘Eden‘, and hope that you will break free with me…..

No more boundaries!

No more apologies!

So, I have a question for ya!

  • What part about you do you refuse to apologize for? I would love to hear about it in the comments section….




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