Predictably unpredictable…

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8AM: Breakfast

12PM: Lunch

6PM: Dinner

10PM: Bedtime

Next Day: Rinse & Repeat!


How monotonous!

I don’t believe that life is supposed to be lived that way. Do you?

There is no way in the world that one size was meant to fit all. I simply don’t buy it!

Look around you? What do you see?

When I look around, I see beauty…. ‘beauty’ displayed in different shapes, size, gender, color & creed!

So no!

One size does not fit all, and it is okay to color outside the lines!

If that is the case, then why do we subconsciously work so hard to stay within the confines of some imaginary lines?

I mean, who drew the lines anyway?

You know ….

In the handmade world, crochet world to be exact, I find it so interesting how my favorite yarns are always discontinued, as soon as I become hooked… (pun intended)!

MAJOR pet peeve there, but the way that I handle the irritation is to put my self in the ‘yarns’ shoes. Silly I know!

I remind my self that I do not like to be restricted and limited, so why should the yarn have to accept the status quo?

The self talk usually helps, such that when the brand comes out with a new product line, I simply adapt…… because I want to maintain a relationship/keep working with yarn/yarn company!

From a business standpoint I do get it, somewhat…. They say familiarity breeds discontent and scarcity does sell… So I guess it makes sense that the yarn companies tend to keep things ‘fresh’….. They are what I call predictably unpredictable. If I choose to keep working with them however, I simply have to adapt!

Okay….next, next, next & next! We have a plan…..or NOT! What’s next?

Your ‘true you’ is a rarity, so treat it as such!

Break free! Be true to your authentic self! People will adapt, I promise!

And if they don’t, you really have no business hanging around them, anyway!

Remember that everyone is not for you, so find your tribe!

I’m a yarn snob! Not any yarn will do! I am very picky with yarn, because there is nothing worse than a scratchy scarf! I’d be better off telling you that I don’t like you. Why do I need to invest my time and resources to do that?LOL.

Truth be told, I literally pull my hair out every single time a brand of yarn that I love is discontinued…..however guess what happens shortly after? I adapt! Yep, I adapt and they will too, so be you do you!


  • They say ‘crazy’ comes in flavors, lol. I say unique comes in flavors. What’s your flavor of unique?
    • Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or simply Neapolitan! Whatever it is, own it!

See you next week!

All my love,



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