• To create unique, timeless & functional quality accessories to help you 'love-on' yourself and others, a little more.
  • Innate Expressions® began in the heart of one woman (Emma), and is still metamorphosing from a 'caterpillar into a butterfly'...
  • To be a part of my sentimental journey, follow me on Instagram @innateexpressions2013 and/or Facebook @innateexpressionsllc.
  • I value family and transparency!
  • Here you will find unique designs that have been infused with elegance, class, a dash of retro, and an occasional African flair.
  • My brand reflects what I believe in... That:
    • True beauty emanates from within;
    • We are each gifted and UNIQUE in our own different ways;
    • We must learn to love ourselves wholly and completely, because we cannot truly love others until we first love ourselves... warts and all;
    • And finally, one size does not HAVE TO fit all... Just "Be you, Do you, Love you, Love me!"
    • Basically, here at Innate Expressions®, 'LOVE Rules!'
  • I also believe in quality...
    • At Innate Expressions®, I know for a fact that a meal only tastes as good as the ingredients that were used to prepare it, therefore my unique handmade pieces are created from only the best.
  • Did I mention that I believe in family? Ooh 'boy'!
    • Here at Innate Expressions®, family is spoiled rotten! Family GETS to feel entitled at Innate Expressions® with loads of giveaways, first 'dibs' on new products/new product lines, the ability to place custom requests, and a whole lot more!
If you would like to be a part of the IE Family, join here and stay tuned! P.S: I promise never to spam you! Ick! Nobody appreciates spam, and neither do I!
    Welcome to Innate Expressions®

                                                      Emma Barnafo
                                                  Innate Expressions®