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Folding Hand-Held Fan with African Flair #2

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Meet ‘The Folding Hand-Held Fan’ with African, …errm Ghanaian Flair, to be exact!

Constructed from rich and colorful African fabric (commonly known as ‘Ankara’ to the Ghanaian people), as well as wood and genuine leather, this gorgeous yet very sturdy and durable hand-held fan is the perfect personal accessory for everyday use….

Pay attention to the dimensions listed below, and you will notice that this hand-held fan is extremely portable when closed/folded, therefore it can be discreetly carted around in your purse, murse, back pocket or what have you!

When you do ‘whip it out‘ of its discreet hiding place however, it’s unique and exotic look is guaranteed to garner you several compliments.

The sturdy handles are made from a combination of wood and genuine leather, and there is a little strap to help you secure them regardless whether the fan is open or closed.

That’s all that we are prepared to say about this exquisite piece for now…

Why don’t you be the judge?



  • Height: Approximately 14 inches tall
  • Diameter: Approximately 11 inches wide


  • Length: Approximately 8 inches long
  • Width: Approximately 2 inches wide
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